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Mortgage – is cheaper repayment possible?

Over the past ten years, mortgage loans have become quite a popular form for fulfilling dreams and contracting obligations. This happened due to the implementation of the Anti -reading Act, pursuant to which banks are obliged to extend the repayment possibilities of loans that were taken in foreign currency.

Thanks to it, the borrower can exchange this currency on the free market, which makes it possible to find better offers on the market and thus save something on repayment.

If possible, you can buy a currency at a more favorable rate in a larger amount, so that we have a few installments, because the repayment date is in no way connected with the place of exchange or its date.


Easy, fast and secure solution

Cancellation of credit insurance during the contract

This is how you exchange money in an online currency exchange office. It’s easy, fast and secure. In addition, it is usually slightly cheaper than in stationary exchange offices. Their services are used by more and more customers, they are convinced of their effectiveness and security.

On the example of one of these exchange offices, our transmission panel is secured with css keys, which guarantee us the highest standard of funds security. It all sounds quite complicated and yet transaction handling is usually intuitive and also occurs in the mobile version.


Is there a way to reduce the installment amount?

mortgage loan

Just taking advantage of lower exchange rates is such a way. Depending on the amount, the installment may be even several hundred dollars lower. Mortgages were most often incurred in swiss francs. For francs, it’s worth using the online currency exchange office . Then we save not only on the course, but also on time.

An online currency exchange thanks to which you can exchange currencies throughout the year quickly and safely.

We do not have to run around the stationary exchange offices to check the course, just sit comfortably in the armchair turn on the internet and use the application we can also order a transaction with deferred implementation. What is this about? We set the exchange rate value that interests us and when the currency reaches this exchange rate, our funds will be automatically exchanged.


An additional bonus from online exchange offices

An additional bonus from online exchange offices

We do not need a currency account to exchange dollars for francs. We can use the service and immediately transfer the currency to the bank account as a loan installment. Such a transfer in francs costs only $ 3 regardless of the amount we transfer.

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