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Loans without BIK. What determines creditworthiness?

0Many people wonder how to get extra money if their credit history is not in the way. Some of them learn about negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau and their functioning only when the bank refuses to grant them a loan. Very often, without going into the meanders of their history in the Credit Information Bureau, borrowers turn to private loan companies that offer loans without Jenny Card.

What is Jenny Card?

The Jenny Card register is a database in which all information regarding consumer financial obligations is recorded – not only negative ones, but also those that work in favor. Unlike the National Register of Debtors, it is good to be in the Jenny Card, because when applying for a loan, positive information gathered there may be needed. There is information on mortgages, cash loans (also granted by private loan companies), credit cards and revolving debit limits. Information is also recorded on the extent to which all liabilities were repaid on time.

What determines creditworthiness in Jenny Card?

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The second point part concerns the borrower’s profile and its classification into the appropriate group. This is strange and inconvenient, because it happens that you have to pay for the mistakes of others. Example? Based on age, we are included in a given group of borrowers. If, statistically, our age group most often does not repay loans and credits on time, our scoring goes down, even if we have nothing to complain about.

One should also remember that creditworthiness does not equal creditworthiness. This only informs if we are able to repay the loan, what is our financial situation and what funds we have monthly. While creditworthiness can be easy to calculate, Jenny Card’s scoring may exceed our capabilities. How to verify it, you can read in the article: How to check the Jenny Card?

What are the chances that the company will grant me a loan without Jenny Card?

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There is no one right answer to this question. First of all, you should not count on the fact that the loan company will want to remain unaware and will not check this register at all. On the contrary – it will verify it and realistically assess whether, despite some negative information that can be found there, the risk of such a loan does not outweigh the benefits associated with it. Loan companies are not as strict when it comes to the criteria for assessing this risk, but you should not exaggerate with that either. A person who is completely unreliable, with large arrears and delays in repayment of installments in many companies will rather be denied.

It is worth having high scoring in Jenny Card

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A large number of points accumulated in their Jenny Card register is not only a lack of stress by unpaid installments. It is also certainty that, if necessary, it will not be refused a loan or credit. It is true that loans without Jenny Card are not so difficult to access, but certainly more favorable conditions can be obtained in companies that require high creditworthiness. These people can be borrowed for more money and for a longer period.

It is also worth working on scoring if you plan to buy an apartment and take out a mortgage. Relatively easy ways to do this are: skilful use of a credit card (and its regular repayment during the interest-free period), use of a revolving overdraft on a bank account and purchases in installments.

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